Are you the next St Patrick?

Be the star of the parade!

Seeking St Patrick!

Are your sainthood and snake-handling skills not getting the recognition they deserve? Are you a natural-born leader with the ability to convert anyone and everyone to the Irish mission? If you’ve answered yes to these questions this job might be for you.

The 2020 Hugh Green Group Auckland St Patrick’s Parade, held on the 14th March, is looking for a new primary patron and apostle. You don’t need to have been born in Ireland (Even St Patrick wasn’t!) Anybody with a passion for Irish culture and heritage can apply! This role is open all genders and backgrounds.

The successful candidate will be the highlight of the parade amid an army of leprechauns, marching bands, visual floats, community and volunteer groups. This voluntary role is a job to covet and the expectation is that you could hold this title for many years to come!

Skills and experience

  • Crowd control and the ability to raise a cheer and smile is a must.
  • Handy with a staff and a firm steady foot for riding the float. Paddle boarding skills would be seen as immediately transferable.
  • Gift of the gab.
  • A clean driving licence and no criminal record. Craic-related (not crack!) associated misdemeanors will be considered.
  • Happy to wear an old school clerical robe “loud and proud”.
  • A big friendly looking bushy beard would help. Though we’ll stick a fake one on the right candidate.
  • Time and energy through the middle of March, this year and every year going forward.

To apply please email us at with a brief description and photo of yourself and why you’re the right candidate.

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